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Jacumba painted bunting and local San Diego stuff

8:15 am

Yesterday, the 8th, there was a greenish Painted Bunting at Jacumba, near the old swimming pool area, but it didn’t seem to stay very long. Certainly reasonable number of them around this fall at scattered locations. Also, The almost annual in fall eastward dispersing Red shouldered hawk and White breasted nuthatch, but overall migrant numbers continued only rather mediocre out there. I missed Harris’s hawk, and the last time I was there I only had one, and lately people have only been seeing a single bird at Shelter Valley. So it’s possible our invasion is on its last legs and we may be out of Harris’s Hawks in the near future.

Today, Saturday, there’s a new Solitary sandpiper and the continuing duo of roosting Neotropic cormorants at the top end of Sweetwater Reservoir. In the Tijuana River channel near the Dairy Mart bridge, one continuing Yellow-headed blackbird in with the Red- wings, and a single Bank Swallow flew by in a small group of Barn Swallows heading east, but they showed no sign of stopping. At least three Solitary Sandpipers continue on the southernmost Dairy Mart pond.
Paul Lehman, San Diego