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Jacumba: Orchard Oriole, Least Bittern, Harris’s Hawks

12:00 pm

A Sunday early-morning visit to Jacumba was highlighted by a female Orchard Oriole, which given the location must be a spring migrant. In contrast, the multiple birds seen recently (through today) in coastal San Diego County are all much more likely to be lingering wintering birds–which often remain this late. A Least Bittern calling from the cattails at the pond at dawn is presumably the same individual noted there on 16 March–a local first. No surprise, the pair of Harris’s Hawks continues. A so-so number of migrants overall, with Nashville Warbler being the most numerous. Other species typical of the site included a slightly late Vesper Sparrow (though not unusual well into April here), Scott’s Oriole, Lesser Nighthawk, the usual couple pairs of Cassin’s Kingbirds, and plenty of Lawrence’s Goldfinches. The Tricolored Blackbird colony at the pond appears much reduced in size from earlier visits, with only about 15 birds visible.
On the way back, a quick stop at the feeders in Pine Valley produced 30 continuing Pine Siskins, a species still present at several feeder sites in the county.
Paul Lehman, San Diego