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Jacumba migrants, Pine Valley hummers, corrigendum

First off, a minor corrigendum: the Black Oystercatcher on 19 Sep was at the Mission Bay jetties, not Zuniga Jetty. Also, a Cliff Swallow yesterday, the 23rd, at Dairy Mart was close to the usual typical "last date" for the season.

Today, the 24th, a morning visit to Jacumba and Pine Valley produced still 4 Black-chinned and 1 young male Costa's Hummingbirds at Pine Valley, where departure dates for those species at that elevation are perhaps somewhat unclear (far fewer hummers overall at the feeders there since my previous visit over a week earlier, and there is now somewhat of a "bee problem" as well). Given that Jacumba is now rarely birded, following Eric K.'s departure a while back, here are today's misc. numbers of some potential interest, mostly involving migrants:

White-winged Dove: 3 (now resident)

Black-chinned Hummingbird: 11 (good total for so late in month)

Costa's Hummingbird: 2 (fall status?)

Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird: 3 (getting late for there?)

W. Wood-Pewee: 1

Willow Flycatcher: 2

Cassin's Kingbird: 2 (one or two pairs nest there occasionally, at very east edge of range, but fall departure dates uncertain)

Warbling Vireo: 3

Barn Swallow: 1

Cedar Waxwing: 1

Phainopepla: 1

Lawrence's Goldfinch: 1

Orange-crowned Warbler: 1

Yellow Warbler: 6

Wilson's Warbler: 9

Brewer's Sparrow: 15

White-crowned Sparrow: 6 (all Gambel's)

Savannah Sparrow: 5 (low)

Lincoln's Sparrow: 4

Hooded Oriole: 1 (getting late)

Bullock's Oriole: 2 (perhaps borderline late)

Western Tanager: 9

Black-headed Grosbeak: 1

Lazuli Bunting: 3

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports