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Jacumba: Bendires Thrasher and Lark Bunting

9:19 am

On Thursday morning both the Bendires Thrasher and Lark Bunting continue at Jacumba. The Bendires Thrasher has moved several hundred yards west of where it was yesterday afternoon and it’s now in the area of a couple dead cottonwood trees, where singing as of 9:00 a.m.. North of town and west of the Northeast corner. One would need to park at the Northeast corner of town, walk north into the scrub and then west just south of the railroad track to the cottonwoods. The bird then flew out of the cottonwood trees, Landed actually on the railroad track due north, and then crossed the track to the north side, so this is a fair distance from where it was yesterday afternoon, probably on the order of 300 yards. The lark bunting continues in the white-crowned sparrow flock where it’s been the last several days at the Northeast corner of town, along with at least one of the dark-lored White crowns.

Approx coordinates for the Bendires Thrasher today are:
32.622189, -116.185568
Paul Lehman and group, San Diego