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Inside the Bird Name Committee

9:29 am

Hello Friends, 
I wanted to share a favorite podcast from the American Birding Association (ABA) –
American Birding Podcast
. The latest episode explores the debate on the process to rename birds – a hot topic of debate as noted in previous listserv threads. I invite you to take a listen and hear from the American Ornithologist Society (AOS) directly
on their journey for balance on this weighted topic. 
American Birding Podcast.
Inside the Bird Name Committee

January 4, 2024

The decision by the American Ornithological Society last year to begin
the process of renaming birds currently named after humans has been one of the more animating debates in the birding and ornithological communities in recent memory.

The recommendations for these changes were made by an ad hoc English Bird Name committee
 created by the AOS specifically to explore this issue. Irene Liu, Steve Hampton, and Alvaro Jaramillo served on that committee, and join the podcast to talk about their
time on the committee, the discussion they had, and to dispell some of the misinformation that has sprung up in the wake of this big news.

Good Birding, 
Lindsay Willrick
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