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Inland miscellanea

Nothing crazy, but a few birds of note over the past few days:

– Terry Hurst already reported it continuing today, but I had the AMERICAN REDSTART yesterday (Dec 1) at about 9am on the east side of the playground between Lakes 3/4 at Santee Lakes
– I also had a female HOODED MERGANSER on Lake 1 at Santee Lakes a few days ago
– I've checked Lake Murray several times the past few days as the storm passed through.  A single first-winter BONAPARTE'S GULL was present both on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  I also had a WILSON'S SNIPE feeding along the shore in the "San Carlos Arm" extending NE from the parking area.  There's also an adult HERRING GULL which has been consistently present, potentially the same bird which hung out on Lake Murray last winter.
– Of potential interest to photographers, there is a nearly pure white Western/Clark's Grebe which has been hanging out by the dam.  I've only had distant scope views of the bird, but I cannot detect any dark coloration at all, it's really quite stunning.  If someone wanted to rent a boat and cruise out near the dam, would be interesting to see some close-up photos!
Eitan Altman
San Carlos

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports