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Indigo Bunting found Sunday AM Paso Picacho

I was able to find the Indigo Bunting at Paso Picacho Campground near Lake Cuyamaca.  The bird was never visible from the bathroom/shower area.  You could only see it from the footbridge as it was in a pine tree just past the footbridge that was obscured from the bathroom area.  The bird never came close to where we were, I only got fairly distant looks.

I arrived around 8 AM and did not see the bird until around 9 or 9:30.  Another Birder found it in the bushes under the Pine tree and it went from the bushes up to a mostly dead pine tree.  The pine tree it went up in was dead in the bottom/middle but had some green needles at about the top 10% of the tree.  If you are on the footbridge and looking at the bathrooms the pine tree is to your left.
I did get about 10 secs of video of the bird singing if that helps anyone.
Did not see anything else unusual.  ebird list here –
Here are some photos of the birds at Paso Picacho and some around the house before I left.  I had a Phainopepla pair at my home near Iron Mountain in Poway, first time I've seen those here.
I went to SE Arizona in early May and made a short video of the birds I saw there, including Elegant Trogon and Flame-Colored Tanager.  You can see it here –
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports