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Incidental pelagic bird sightings off northern Baja California

These are pelagic bird sighting off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. The trip was a fishing trip so all sights were incidental to that.


Cook's Petrel   6    –   morning of Aug. 10, 2018 about 30 nautical miles west of Colonet, and some 110 n.miles south of San Diego

Black-footed Albatross-       1- Aug. 5th.  approaching Guadalupe Is.  2- Aug. 9th. south Geronimo Is.,  15+ on Aug. 10th.  30 n.miles west of Colonet.

Pink-footed Shearwater – scattered birds seen on all days except the morning of Aug. 9th. when a concentration of 500 plus were just west of Sacramento Reef.

Black-vented Shearwater   large numbers, perhaps a thousand around the outside of Todos Santos Bay, a few even inside the bay. Perhaps another hundred around Sacramento reef.

Leach's Storm-Petrel  – scattered but most common bird well offshore to within 10 n.m. of Guadalupe Is.

Townsend's, Storm-Petrel-   perhaps 5  or more offshore Guadalupe Is. I am a little loath to call all smallish, dark bright white rumped birds Townsend's without photographs. Though flight style is certainly different, and they're close to their breeding rocks.

Ashy Storm- Petrel    1    well seen 30 n.m. west  of Colonet. I have seen this species off this area on previous trips. This maybe approaching southern limit of summering Ashies

Black Storm -Petrel   relatively few perhaps 50-60 for the trip.

Least Storm-Petrel  NONE!

Magnificent Frigatebird    1   imm. near the Sacramento Reef.  Not expected north of Point Eugene (half way down the Baja Peninsula) Maybe push by Hurricane Javier?

Masked/Nazca Booby   1 imm. near Sacramento Reef

Brown Booby   1 at Guadalupe Is. ( the only species seen there other than a very few Western Gulls ).  1 off Sacramento Reef.

Red-footed Booby    5   !!!     One 20 n.m. out of Guadalupe Is.   Four near Geronimo Is. and the Sacramento Reef. All immature.

phalaropes-  Large groups and scattered individuals around, and in  Todos Santos Bay. Appeared to be mostly or all Red-necked Phalaropes. Offshore I saw a few Red Phalaropes mostly in groups of five or less.

One unidentified jaeger (sp) south of Todos Santos

No Alcid of any sort !

Saw a few hatch year Heermann's Gulls offshore. Many more (dozens) in the Ensenada Harbor.

Elegant Terns were in epic numbers north bound along the coast. More in Todos Santos Bay, and Ensenada Harbor, and Geronimo Is. !


Good numbers of Sea Turtles, and new for me a Whale Shark at Guadalupe Is. Yes there were plenty of White Sharks also present and we had a few National Geographic moments with them. Usually at the expense of some ones large hooked tuna.

Dave Povey


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports