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Inca Doves Continue at Borrego Resort & CC

Inca Doves Continue at Borrego Resort & CC

By {authorlink} – 6:23 pm

Posting because when we went in the morning looking for these, we and several other birders whiffed.  However, we tried again in the afternoon, and even though it was a bit windy, we managed to find them in palms just north of the maintenance building.  In the morning, a nearby Cooper’s Hawk may have discouraged them.  I think it’s been reported there before, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the doves had a previous encounter with it.  So for those worrying that the Coop might have made a meal of the doves, nope, they’re ok and still around.  A Sora joined the Coots and Wigeon in the eastern pond this morning, and the two Greater White-fronted Geese and a nice male Cinnamon Teal continued in the western pond.

Afternoon checklist with photos:

Tuck Russell