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Inca Dove update

Inca Dove update
By {authorlink} – 10:57 am

The Inca Dove at the De Anza Club in Borrego Springs at the moment is MIA. Heard it call one more time on its own while I was typing out my various texts and then waited till a couple people showed up and now don’t know where it is, and if it’s within earshot it is not responding to tape, which I feared it would quickly stop doing. So this may take a fair amount of effort to refind if it’s not coming back to this one area on a regular basis. There is nothing special about this one spot for Inca Dove habitat, and unfortunately there’s limitless habitat here at De Anza. Hopefully it will be more active or more vocal earlier in the morning and late in the day.

In other Borrego news, I hear that the Veith party saw the continuing Gray Flycatcher at the settling ponds and also had good numbers of Mountain bluebirds.