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Inca Dove, TRV- B&B Garden, 11 Oct 2023

3:42 pm

At about 10:30 today at Bird&Butterfly Garden, an Inca Dove was found. Happened upon bird close at eye-level, moved several feet further into trees. Saw it, expected to put my bino’s on one of the local Ground-doves… dove facing mostly away, looking over its shoulder- light-gray scaly plumage on head/face and into back. Very long tail, which looked mostly-to-all dark except for one sort-of irregular ‘stray’ pale feather separated a bit to one side of tail.
In next two minutes, bird made a few scattered soft (phonetic) ‘no hope’ calls.
About an hour later, Kris and Haim had joined me to re-find the bird. No luck. Spot was off western edge of ‘main area’ of Garden- 32.55444° N, 117.08721° W (courtesy of Kris),
Good Birding,
Paul Chad
University City