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Inca Dove issues

Inca Dove issues
By {authorlink} – 2:41 pm

It appears that enough birders have been chasing the Borrego Springs Inca Dove that the “disturbance” is wearing thin on one or two of the homeowners at the site. On the day I initially found it, I asked folks to absolutely stay on the roads and do not walk around the backs of houses or out on the fairways–and presumably most birders are following those guidelines. But it is possible that some birders are feeling the need to walk around the sides of homes. And even if not, there seem to be some homeowners who feel particularly strongly about their privacy. So, PLEASE try to refrain from going there to see this bird, especially if it is just another year tick and not a life bird or county bird. We clearly do not wish to have access restricted from the roads there, which may well be legally “private” as part of the De Anza Country Club. We certainly do not wish this to be yet another example of access being lost to an area for the few birders who might regularly check it because of too many birders with binoculars and large cameras chasing a stakeout at that location.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego