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Inca Dove in Coronado, and other birds

On 25 October, an INCA DOVE was photographed (

) along the east side of the Navy golf course on North Island. The bird was still present today, 28 October, and at least briefly was perched up on a power line a few houses north of the west end of 8th Street (where the Cassin’s Sparrow was last year). Looking from that small pocket park (which is how one can also see orioles and Tropical Kingbirds), with luck, you may be able to spot the dove. I and the original finder have access to the base which of course makes it easier. Most of us likely already saw the long-staying Inca Doves at Roadrunner Club in Borrego Springs a few years ago, but some newer birders perhaps not. If you do make the drive over, consider checking any of the other tree-lined streets around Coronado, particularly those with tipus and flowering Melaleucas, but as always exercise considerate behavior when looking into people’s trees and yards. 

I checked late morning yesterday and again this morning and heard from one other that the North Park Tennessee Warbler was a no show, seemingly disappearing as I hit send on the email yesterday.
Finally, yesterday afternoon in cool, cloudy conditions, there was a female SUMMER TANAGER and at least one (possibly two) GREEN-TAILED TOWHEES at the Bird and Butterfly Gardens. 
Justyn Stahl
San Clemente Island

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports