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Inca Dove Borrego Springs

Inca Dove Borrego Springs
By {authorlink} – 3:00 pm

We went to day to see if the Inca Dove was sticking around in Borrego Springs and although we did not see it (them) we discovered that the house next to the empty NW corner lot on De Anza (1616) has a seed feeder on a low hook out by their back fence.  There were at least 4 Common Ground Doves and 6 or more White-wings there along with numerous other birds.  You can view the feeder from the corner of the empty lot so as not to stand on the golf course and look directly into their backyard.  Also down the road on the other side of the street at 1653 there is a feeder by their driveway under an olive tree.  It had seven Commons and about 8 White-wings.  Out on the golf course under the fruiting olive trees we saw scads and scads of White-wings and not surprising this winter at least 100 Robins.

Alison Hiers
Carlsbad, CA