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inaccessible Golden-winged Warbler, nesting Harris’s Hawks, Sweetwater

1:31 pm

First the bad news: earlier today (Saturday) I had a female Golden-winged Warbler in coastal San Diego where there is not free public access and where I have nurtured my relationship with the residents for some time, and which would be revoked if a bunch of folks showed up (especially with binoculars and cameras). First thing this morning I started at Sweetwater Reservoir, where two rare-inland Elegant Terns continue off and on since 30 April, and where also a male Purple Martin made one pass and one in-flight drink and then continued north.
Yesterday, the 19th, a visit to Jacumba finally confirmed NESTING Harris’s Hawks. A pair is nesting in a largish pine tree, with the nest hidden in a dense area of needles, but I was lucky to time my walk by to see a nest exchange by the two adults. I would guess that they are still incubating. Otherwise, the most striking thing about my visit there was the very low number of migrant landbirds present for the 19th of May: 1 Warbling Vireo and 2 Western Tanagers. That’s it!!
–Paul Lehman, San Diego