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Horse Ranch Creek Open Space

4:23 pm

The Horse Ranch Creek Open Space can be divided into two sections due

 to very thick vegetation and flooded areas separating a northern section 

from a southern section.  

The southern section may be accessed via Pankey Road (first left turn 

past I-15 east bound).  Parking is available along the dirt road that leads to 

the model airplane fields.  Don’t block the gate to these fields.  Another 

access point is from Pankey Place (not “Road”) where parking is available 

at Willow Grove Park (generally open at 8:00 a.m.).  Pankey Place is 

accessed from Horse Ranch Creek Road (first and second left turns) 

northbound from Hwy. 76.  Earlier parking may be available on Pankey 

Place, but some work along the road may occur.  These spots provide 

walk-in entry to dirt roads leading to open fields and riparian areas.

The northern section is more easily accessed by parking at Horse Creek 

Ridge County Park (gate typically open at 8:00 a.m.)  The park is located 

northeast of the intersection of Golden Palomino Trail and Horse Ranch 

Creek Road.  Walk south a quarter mile along Horse Ranch Creek Road.  

Watch for a dirt road which veers off to right opposite Andalusian Trail This

will lead to riparian woodlands and open fields.  I don’t advise parking at 

Palomar College (which is closer) unless you have a parking permit.

Ken Weaver