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Hepatic Tanager search

Hepatic Tanager search
By {authorlink} – 7:26 am

The returning adult male hepatic tanager continues in Tierrasanta, although on private HOA property. It seems somewhat reliable as of late in the early morning in a general area, so I am willing to take people to this place and try for it early tomorrow morning, Tuesday. Here are the details, but please ignore various typos as I am dictating this to my phone. Tuesday morning I will meet anyone interested at 6:00 a.m. at the Tierrasanta McDonald’s, which is on tierraSanta boulevard. Get off I-15 at the Balboa Avenue / TierraSanta boulevard exit and go east on TierraSanta boulevard up the hill to the first light which is Santo Road, where you continue straight and go another couple hundred yards to the next light where the McDonald’s is on the right. We will depart there a few minutes later and go a very short distance to where we will look for the bird. If you are interested in coming, you must agree that you will not return to this spot at a later date, you will not tell your friends where it is, and you will not use recordings playback. Given this is not actually a roost site, there are no guarantees! Hopefully this will take no more than one hour at the most. If I need to modify this event, I will post a follow-up message later today. You do not need to tell me you will join us. Just show up.

Paul Lehman, San Diego