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Hepatic Tanager, Red-breasted Sapsucker (ruber), "continuing"

I spent much of today with Curtis Marantz seeing and missing several species around the county. The North Clairemont Rec Center HEPATIC TANAGER was quite obliging along the east edge of the tennis court in the eucs, but the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was not seen (could have departed by now?). The northern RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER (S. r. ruber) was still present at Harry Griffen Park (thanks to Eve Martin for pointing out the misspelled eBird hotspot name) in La Mesa. We then spent some time at Lake Murray with Eitan Altman – no sign of any goldeneye or the Cackling Goose from yesterday, but a WHITE-FACED IBIS was locally of interest. We then dipped on the Rusty Blackbird at the swap meet (it, too, could be gone by now?), and saw/heard a mix of the SE Balboa Park birds widely reported already (NORTHERN PARULA and SUMMER TANAGER, but not the Orchard Oriole) – which contrary to a previous email aren't "mine" in the least.

And as many of these are continuing birds, I thought I'd again prod folks to avoid "continuing" as their only eBird description. As spring approaches these birds will ultimately leave (or die) and establishing end dates is important. You may not want to write a whole paragraph on your phone and it can wait til you get home (and probably should, to avoid typos), but something as simple as "chestnut belly, black head" while in the field takes only a few more seconds and is much more helpful than "continuing" for an Orchard Oriole, especially if you then go on to write two sentences on where it was, but not what it looked like. 
Justyn Stahl
North Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports