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Hepatic Tanager mini-invasion

7:04 am

During January and February, there have been an unprecedented FIVE different Hepatic Tanagers in San Diego County. The female-type birds at Harry Griffen Regional Park, now not seen for a solid month, and the bird a bunch of people saw in Wing Street Canyon which has now not been reported in about 10 days. There’s also a returning male on private property in Del Mar for its 4th or 5th year. And then there’s another female type in a somewhat limited access area not too far from the San Diego Mission that continues as of today, Monday. And lastly, a male is back on semi-private property in TierraSanta now for its 5th or 6th year, at least, rediscovered this winter for the first time just yesterday. Like last year, if the bird sets up a roost site that’s bordering a public street, I may try to arrange a public viewing later this month on some weekend evening.

Paul Lehman, San Diego