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Hepatic Tanager and Gray Flycatcher

12:29 pm

Barbara Wise reports the continuing female-type Hepatic Tanager in Harry Griffen Park as of 12:15 p.m. on Saturday. As before when seen a couple or more weeks ago, it’s in the late morning or midday in the very northeast corner of the park and loosely associated with a sizable mixed flock of birds including a Bullocks Oriole, in pines and eucalyptus. After about 5 minutes of observation, the tanager and many of the other birds disappeared.

I am spending the morning helping on the Escondido CBC where my highlight is the returning Gray Flycatcher for its third year to Kit Carson Park. Same area as previous years, a little north of Eagle Scout Lake, along the edge of the disc golf course and in an adjoining small grove of short little citrus trees. Several continuing Western Tanagers in nearby neighborhood as well.
Paul Lehman, San Diego