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Harry on Thursday

    I spent the morning at Harry Griffen Park looking for the previously reported PLVI, BUOR, BWWA, and RBSA.  0 for 4.  (Major league baseball players go 0 for 4 and get paid $30,000,000.  Something’s wrong here.)  However there were at least 2 Vesper Sparrows, a Townsends Warbler, and lots of Chippy Sparrows.  
    For parrot lovers, a flock of about 15 to 20 noisy psittacines flew over at a distance, and I went to the natural vegetation part of the park to see if I could locate them. Thanks to a schoolgirl on a field trip (kudos to her teacher) who was staring at a tree, there was a group of 4 Mitred Parakeets just over my head ecstatically plucking some kind of small black berries off a 15-foot high tree right in front of us. They stayed in that tree snarfing berries not more than 10 feet away from us the whole time I was there.  I didn’t attempt to locate the rest of the flock, so I don’t know if the entire flock was Mitred or not. If it was, it was certainly the most of that species I’ve seen inland in one flock.  
Phil Pryde

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