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Harry Griffen Park Rarity Update (new Black-and-white)

Hi all,

Spent this morning wandering around Harry Griffen Park picking up the rare warblers reported recently.

First was the Blackpoll Warbler in the extremely lerpy euc just west of the playground. I watched it from about 8:10-8:20 as it flew around the lower branches of the euc. Lots of warblers in this tree.

Next I got the gorgeous male American Redstart along the concrete path east of the dog park parking area. Just like previously reported, it was flying around the bushes between the path and the fenceline of a house.

Following that was a female or young male Black-and-white Warbler in the trees just north of what I think is a theater/amphitheater. I got a quick look and a few pics, but then it disappeared entirely. I believe last year’s Black-and-white here was an adult male, so this would be a different one.

Lastly, I waited at the ditch behind the portapotties for the Lucy’s and got it after 30 minutes or so. Looked pretty messy, so it may stay a while longer as it completes its molt.

Overall, I had 10 warbler species at the park today. For those thinking of visiting the park, keep an eye on the large sparrow/finch flock near the dog park. Thought I had a Brewer’s, but analysis of photos proved that wrong. Still, wouldn’t be surprised if something good was hiding in there. Lastly, thanks to Eitan who I believe found the Lucy’s, Redstart, and Blackpoll.

Aaron Gyllenhaal
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports