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Harris’s Sparrow Carmel Valley (Torrey Hills)

8:11 pm

Hi all, 

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I had a Harris’s Sparrow in my yard nearly all day today. I’m aware that this is a good bird for the county that of course had to show up on private property. Wasn’t trying to exclude the entire SD birding community of knowing about this immediately. I wasn’t sure of the pattern of this rarity in my yard as today’s the first day I have noticed it. It was coming and going about every 15-30 minutes mostly in the west side of the yard when I was watching for it most of the day. I don’t think it has been wintering this entire time in my yard as I have been checking almost daily, but could be wrong. My yard is pretty small so would only be able to take in a few people (maybe max of like 4 or 5) at a time. A few folks that live close by stopped by and got to see it. If I do see it tomorrow morning, I will update on an eBird list in the morning and this listserv post. If interested and need this bird for county or as a lifer and want to know status of the bird and access, text me at (858) 886-9338 or email me at maxkewl98@…. I have things to do in the morning tomorrow so can’t give access then. I should be able to in the late morning to afternoon
Good birding, 
Max Leibowitz
San Diego