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Greater Scaup & Horned Grebe

Saturday, June 15th, a female GREATER SCAUP was off the parking lot at J St./Marina Parkway in Chula Vista. There are no summer records for the county listed in the SD Atlas, but perhaps there have been a couple such reports since it was published (?). Wouldn't be surprised given how many Greaters winter on the Bay. Also today, the casual-in-summer HORNED GREBE I first saw from J St. on the June 3rd was now farther west, visible from the Biological Study Area parking lot at the bottom of the Silver Strand, looking east. At the saltworks, uncommon-ish summering shorebirds included 18 Red Knots (1 in full alternate) and 3 Ruddy Turnstones. A basic-plumaged COMMON LOON was "inland" at the lower end of Sweetwater Reservoir, and a female Cinnamon Teal with 8 ducklings was at the upper end of the reservoir.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports