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Gray-tailed tattler update. 7-16-22

Gray-tailed tattler update. 7-16-22
By – 1:52 pm
After 3 hours of searching, at 1:35pm, the tattler made a brief appearance on the base of  jetty—just southwest of the osprey platform: (32.6135, -117.1137).  I was on motorized vessel, so I viewed it from west side. I assume it spent most of the time out of view on the SW shoreline of the jetty, as I covered the north extensively without a trace. It only popped into view for about 2 min, just enough time to get some photos and an ID. It was loosely associated with the roosting black-bellied plovers and red knots. It was still there when I left at 1:50. 
Brandon StidumNormal Heights