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good #'s migrants Pt. Loma area

Tuesday morning the 15th, there's a good number of passerine migrants in residential Point Loma (especially), the PLNU campus, and (briefly) Famosa Slough. Given the mid-May date, not surprising that over half of the birds were female-looking individuals. Nothing rare, but nice stuff such as 18 Hermit Warblers, 35 Townsend's, 2 Olive-sided Flys, a typical "last-date" ("LOS") single Nashville W., and a typical "first-date" through-migrant brewsteri-type Willow Flycatcher. Other totals included 25 Yellows, 25 Wilson's, 30 W. Tanagers, 12 Warbling Vireos, 5 Swainson's Thrushes, 5 B-h Grosbeaks, only 1 W. Wood-Pewee, 1 B-t Gray (getting close to typical "LOS"), and 1 Lazuli. Birds were scattered everywhere, with many in blooming silk oaks and bottlebrush.

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports