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Good Assortment of Birds at Carlsbad State Beach

4:16 pm

I walked CSB south from Carlsbad Village Dr. to the jetty.  Unfortunately, I was with a group of exercise folks and didn’t have my binos.  The ocean was super choppy with large, foamy waves.  Sky was overcast, windy with 12 mph gusts.  We were on the beach from noon until 1:30.

I saw 2 large rafts of birds about 30 yards from shore, surprisingly close.  One raft contained mostly dark grey birds, the other a mix of lighter birds and the dark grey.  Many shore birds (Willets, one Whimbrel, a few unidentified sandpipers?, and several peeps – think they were Sanderlings), and two groups (50-ish birds/group) of assorted Terns.  The upper beach near the cliff was full of Seagulls.  At 12:45 pm, a single Booby flew north just beyond the breakers, but again, no binos, heavy low clouds, so couldn’t ID.
There were only a handful of people on the beach.  Many more birds than people, which is very unusual for this beach.  I’m not sure what it will be like people-wise tomorrow, being Saturday.  The above-average tide and cool, cloudy conditions will continue.  I plan to revisit with binos and camera tomorrow.  I’ll check the tide charts before I figure out a time.  I’ll take my phone and post if the beach is still super birdy.
Susie Gardner, Oceanside