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Glossy Ibis update

As some may or may not know, last-minute permission was granted late last night to visit the Konyn Dairy early this morning, Weds., to check on the ibis, and such an endeavor was very successful, as the 20+ birders assembled very quickly found the Glossy Ibis and had very close views and photos. So, a HUGE thank-you to both the Konyn staff and to Trysten and Aedyn Loefke, who have family connections with dairy staff, for arranging the visit. This visit was "one time only," but given that it went very well, the Loefkes will inquire of the dairy if ONE more visit is possible. Please do not bother them with requests, as they will post the news, one way or another, and certainly do not attempt entering the dairy on your own.

The bird would NOT have been visible at any time this morning from the site we saw it at yesterday morning from the public road edge, or from anywhere with public access. Nowhere close. That one area was cleaned out somewhat from when the bird had been there earlier in the day yesterday so would not have been as appealing today. Clearly the favored ibis-foraging sections of the dairy will change over the days as the cows are moved around and certain sections are cleaned while others become more "biologically active" again. We saw a total of about 60 ibis at the dairy today.

If access cannot be arranged for another inside visit, then the best chances will be to view from the road in the AM once that first area becomes better feeding again–see my post from yesterday–or go inside the Safari Park with a scope and spend a potentially LONG time studying the ibis at the colony and at the large pond where they drink and bathe, next to the flamingos in the African Loop section.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports