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Glossy Ibis–No but Yes!

I just was shown two photos of the ibis which I am told are of yesterday's bird in question, and it is definitely a WHITE-FACED Ibis. It has a red eye and pinkish facial skin.

However, Thomas Ford-Hutchinson sent me a link to an eBird checklist S53603920 from the Safari Park near Esondido on 7 March 2019 which includes several photos of "White-faced Ibis" but one (the first) of which is clearly of a nice GLOSSY IBIS!! The overdue first county record. A few of us actually went to the Safari Park in early summer a couple different years about 10 years ago, looking for this species at the ibis colony. In case the bird came back this year, I assume the Safari Park is still closed currently (??), but I also wonder where the ibis that nest there primarily forage….so worth exploring the valley in that area. (Although most Glossy Ibis in the state are NOT seen multiple years in a row at a particular site.)

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports