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Glossy Ibis access for SATURDAY, June 27– repost

I have been asked to re-post this message, due to a potential glitch in the system and with one update.

After a bit of discussion and due to the merits of today's fine group of birders, I was able to obtain permission for a SECOND group to enter the Konyn Dairy to search for the Glossy Ibis on SATURDAY, JUNE 27.
This is a date that was set forth by the dairy owner.

UPDATE: Due to concerns about the potential size of Saturday's group, repeat visitors from Wednesday's group are currently NOT being encouraged to attend in Saturday's group, just to keep things running smoothly.

The group will once again meet at the dairy entrance and be escorted into the property by the owner at 6:00a.m on Saturday morning (June 27). Again, please try to arrive on time.

There is a square shaped gravel pullout and a relatively small blue sign that reads "Frank Konyn Dairy"; this is where we will meet.
The gate will be open in the field directly opposite of the dairy entrance in order to allow for additional safe parking.
*Please note that this entrance is at the WEST end of the dairy, not the east by the soils facility.
The address is 15777 Old Milky Way. 

**The owner would like to STRESS that while he has given permission for this second group to enter the property, individuals should NOT at any time enter the property on their own. Entrance to the property is strictly controlled and is ONLY available through this organized group.

Please note that this is a working dairy and we must not disrupt anything.
The dairy owner was very impressed with this morning's group and it is only because of today's success that this second group has been permitted.

For anyone wishing to search for the bird before Saturday your only chances are from the public road or inside the Safari Park as outlined in Paul's update.

You may email or text (442-217-7206) with any questions.

  –Trysten Loefke 
Valley Center 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports