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       Regarding the presumptive return of the stow-away booby this evening: 
       I went to the website that Justyn provided, and it only gives sailing and return times for upcoming trips, but just for everyone’s information all trips of the Liberty starting tomorrow (8-23) for the rest of August are posted as returning at 5 p.m., not 7:30. 
       I called the Tp number provided and asked about its return time today (8-22), and the person there said “they had not called in yet” (that was at 4:20), but in response to my next question, he said that if they were returning at 5 p.m., he thought they would have called in already to say they were on their way and give an ETA (I guess that’s some kind of regulation).  So I’m assuming (only an assumption) that they will be returning this evening at 7 – 7:30-ish. 
       If anyone can provide better intel than this regarding this evening (Wed.), please hit “reply”. 
Phil Pryde

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports