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GHOW vs CA Ground Squirrel

This morning while driving by the Borrego Springs High School, I watched a Great Horned Owl drop from a Washingtonia Filifera Palm Tree at the pup fish pond. When I did not see the owl move back into the tree with its prey, I parked and approached the pond. The owl flushed into another tree 30 meters away, mobbed by a mockingbird and kingbird. When I arrived at the pond, I found and photographed a freshly killed California Ground Squirrel. I was unable to find any blood while examining the squirrel, but it was still very warm so I am confident that it was killed by the owl just moments before. When I walked back towards my car the owl moved back to the original palm from which it had dropped and I was able to obtain a photo of the owl.  Photos of the owl and squirrel at

William Terry Hunefeld
Borrego Springs CA 
Staying safe while birding, botanizing and tracking alone in the vast reaches of Anza Borrego Desert
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports