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GC Kinglets, Pine Siskins

I spent the morning today at Palomar State Park. The area around the entrance was the birdiest part of the park today. The Golden-crowned Kinglets seen last fall continued in the same large oak tree near the entrance (where you pay the fee), foraging in the clumps of mistletoe. A huge flock of Pine Siskins was in the area, 60 birds at least. When I arrived they were perched in a bush, and several groups of 10-15 flew off, and still left dozens behind. The group regathered on the ground right at the ranger’s building before I left the area, and it really was an impressive group of birds. I looked in vain for any other finches in the flock.

The pond and nature trail had fewer birds. A few scatted siskins, robins, chickadees, etc. I was NOT able to find the Pacific Wren along the nature trail. I heard just one crossbill fly over.


The nature trail is passable, although there is a fallen tree near the beginning. The water level is low enough to cross the stream, but rocks may be icy. The trail has sections where snow has melted and refrozen and is extremely slippery. In the campground there was a Tom Turkey that was very aggressive, repeatedly attacking me when my back was turned. I walked backward for almost 1/3 mile before he got bored with me.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports