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G-T towhee, no-show

I checked out the area of the SDSU campus immediately south of Hardy Tower this morning where Kevin Burns found the G-T Towhee yesterday afternoon. No sign of the towhee, but with virtually no human beings on the campus, the area was surprisingly birdy (but nothing unusual). In about 15 minutes I had 4 sp. of warblers (O-C, Y-R, Wilsons, and B-TGray) and at least 2 Allen’s hummers, plus all the usual suspects.
While teaching here, long before the word “Covid” existed, I sometimes joked that college campuses would be marvelous places if it weren’t for all the faculty and students wandering around. Well, a microscopic bug has accomplished that. Sadly, it’s not funny.
Phil Pryde
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports