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FYI: 3 or 4 different Nazca boobies in San Diego this past week

Photos show the bird first identified as a Masked booby seen on a whale-watching trip Saturday August 17 was a near-adult Nazca.

Possibly the same bird seen on the 8/20 pelagic, but I haven’y looked at photos of that bird.

The individual Dan Jehl and I saw on the 24th was a late 2nd-cycle bird.
A possibly-distressed bird identified as a Masked booby seen on the ground on North Island from a whale-watching boat yesterday is a different 2nd-cycle bird:
I spent 2 hours at the Cove this morning.
Usual birds, but very far out today.
Gigantic feeding frenzy in the canyon to the NNW. Probably 2000 black-venteds.
2 pomarine and 3 parasitic jaegers.
A handful of common terns mixed in with the hordes of elegant and royals.
Justyn filed an eBird report from during part of the time I was there, but I never saw him.  
Stan Walens, San Diego
August 27, 2019; 5:45 pm

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports