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FRNC-Kentucky Warbler-Sat afternoon 6/9

I arrived at FRNC shortly after 1PM. One set of eyes was not enough as the bird did not call
and as found out later in the afternoon it moved around quite a bit.
After two other birders arrived around 4 PM it was relocated in the Pride of Madeira bush (off the road upslope from the wall), with good brief views.
Despite  a great effort photographs could not be obtained as the bird stayed fairly hidden close to the ground.
After about 430 it flew over the wall into the underbrush where it was not seen. About 20 minutes later it flew back into
the same bush and gave again brief views (no photos) to the now five birders present.
After another 15 minutes it flew back over the wall. Between 530  and 630 there were two very brief views in the area near the sharp wall corner.

Jim Hecht
Hermosa Beach CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports