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Friday buff breast, vermilion glut, and miscellaneous

Friday morning the buff breasted Sandpiper continues at the northern patch of sod and in the dirt immediately to the west of that patch, often but not always with the killdeer flock. See previous posts about where to park and look. Also this morning, yet one more white-winged dove, this one near the intersection of Sunset and Hollister, where also the usual small numbers of yellow-headed blackbirds are out hiding amongst the horse corrals with the other blackbirds, and all three Vermilion flycatchers continue at the sunset ball fields.

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a continuing Lucy's Warbler in the Lincoln Park section of San Diego, and there was also a black and white warbler and a new, female vermilion flycatcher at Kimball Park in National City. I am personally now up to 9 vermilions along the immediate coast during September and October, and the overall total for the coast is double that, which is certainly a record total.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports