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free new physical copy of Wingspan game

2:18 pm

Hi all,
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
I was gifted a copy of the excellent board game Wingspan, but we already owned one (since well before we started birding). This is a great game and of course a great gift for a birder + gamer. Instead of returning it, I would rather pass it on to someone in the birding community as a small token of my appreciation for how welcoming everyone’s been, and I would love to see more folks enjoying this game!
If anyone is interested (may need to arrange pickup), please contact me directly. If I get multiple replies in the next two days or so, I’ll pick someone at random, otherwise after that I’ll give it to the first person who asks! Doesn’t have to be for yourself – feel free to grab it as a gift for a non-birder gamer you know.
This is a great game for birders and non-birders alike. It’s not a simple game, but not especially complicated  – it’s about as complex as Catan, but I imagine it could be enjoyed by anyone willing to patiently read through the rulebook.
The game can be played by 1-5 people. It’s possible to play solo against “Automa”.
It has 170 beautifully illustrated American bird cards, a cardboard birdfeeder dice tower, and a variety of wooden and cardboard tokens and miniatures. There are also two full expansions (Europe and Oceania) and other accessories available for purchase separately.
More info:
There are also digital versions out there for most platforms (currently on sale for $10).

Ruslan Balagansky
San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA