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Four species of geese and three species of orioles

9:39 am

Sunday morning, the mixed flock of geese at Sweetwater Reservoir continues, currently back at the north end of the reservoir but they go back and forth between both ends. One Snow, five Gr. White-fronteds, five Cackling comprised of four minima and one Aleutian, and about 65 Canadas. My first Common Goldeneye of the season, and about five Barn Swallows mixed in with about 20 Trees. A quick stop at Rohr Park produced the continuing, returning female Baltimore Oriole in various trees around “Provence House,” and then a check of Kimball Park in National City at the east end of the park in eucalyptus and ficus a young male Orchard Oriole, bright yellow with a small black throat, as well as two Bullocks Orioles, one of which is a young male also with a larger black throat (goatee).

Paul Lehman, San Diego