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Follow up to Dave’s note on Mission Bay Area Road Closures for tomorrows Pelagic Trip

11:03 am

As I bird this area I thought I should give you an update on what I’m seeing out there as far as what might happen tomorrow morning.

West bound Sea World Drive indicates it will be closed at Pacific Hwy/E Mission Bay Drive stop light from 4 am until noon. Possible you can get through but the event starts at 6 or so at South Shores Park which is right there so even if you can get through it’s probably going to be very busy. Also if you are driving north on Ingraham, there are signs indicating that the exit to west bound W. Mission Bay Dr will also be closed (see directions below)

I just drove this route (10:30 am on Sat) to make sure it will work and so far there aren’t any signs indicating any closures. Usually they are there a few days before so I think it will work. Probably other ways but this is how I’m planning to get there.

So here’s how to get there.

If you are using the 5 freeway take the Grand/Garnet exit and go west to Ingraham St. Proceed south on Ingraham street. Now comes the tricky part as the ramp from Ingraham to west bound W. Mission Bay drive indicates it will be closed. So you will need to turn right before that ramp on Dana Landing Rd (there’s a stop light) and following it around until you reach Quivira Access road where you would turn left proceed across W. Mission Bay drive, turn left on Quivira Rd and the meeting location will be on your right. Remember what Dave said about parking. If you are headed north on Ingraham the ramp to W Mission Bay drive indicates it will closed so just continue north until you get to Dana Landing Road and turn left and follow the remaining instruction from above.

Hope this helps. Any questions feel free to contact me directly and not through this list. Also I will have my phone on so if you are not familiar with these roads or get lost feel free to contact me and I will try to help out.

John Bruin
Bay Park