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follow-up, recent NON Arctic Tern

I think this email is going to the entire group, but it need not be web-posted. Follow-up on my Aug 4 web-post on (?) Arctic Tern (?) at Pacific Beach, if not interested to read please pardon the interruption:

Thanks again to those who emailed feedback. Knew Arctic was unlikely, but according to distribution data, turns out to be virtually unreported here at least in spring. Thought I recalled Kaufman mention something about shallower wingbeats for Forster's vs Common…? But must confess to looking for, but not at all certain of seeing, this myself in the field in recent years, so no dispute to those who say NO on this flight field mark,

Tail streamers? After looking over many photos, I believe I have pinned down my error- in a dead-on sideways view of a sterna tern, e.g. Forster's, I believe I ACTUALLY saw outer tail feathers past the TAIL COVERTS, and mistook this as being the outer tail feathers past the (completely hidden from view) inner tail feathers, making them appear to me to be long – yup – ‘tail streamers', woops!

Just FYI and thanks as always to the group :-)

Good Birding,

Paul Chad
University City
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