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Florence Canyon Hooded Warbler update [YES]

Florence Canyon Hooded Warbler update [YES] By – 11:52 am
This morning a group of about 6 birders waited patiently at the Florence Canyon end of Albatross for an appearance of the HOODED WARBLER (HOWA).  The bird was finally spotted around 9:45 near the west end of the apartment building walkway, moving between the chain-link fence and the ground before it moved on to the trunk of the pepper tree and then disappeared in the vegetation to the west of the two nearby garbage bins. About 10 minutes later the HOWA was seen again near the clotheslines.  It vocalized frequently.As far as I know, the HOWA was not seen this morning at or near the overlook into the canyon where Albatross directly ends.  When I left (around 10:15 am), some work looked to be initiated on the construction site on the northernmost plot on the west side of Albatross.  This obviously has the potential to negatively impact the HOWA’s appearance in Florence Canyon proper.Bird on!Carl EbelingSouth Mission Hills