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Fishing/Pelagic: Offshore South San Diego County and Northern Mexican Waters (5/28/18)

Hi Birders,

I was fortunate to get on a friends boat for some fishing on May 28, 2018. We departed from Mission Bay and were on the open ocean by 4:15 a.m, headed straight out to the 30-mile Bank. We arrived there at first light, before dawn. Later we also visited and spent most of the day at various seamounts/banks  while flying a kite and fishing for tuna  etc.  We were 30-50 miles offshore for the most part in SD County and in Mexico Waters  It was no less than a bumpy day with a mixed swell and wind waves. A tough day to be out there even though the NOAA forecast was to be one of the better days out—-We returned to the harbor at about 3:00 pm.
Taking pictures on this day was not realistic opportunity for the most part. If a true goody came by i 'm sure I would have managed though.But nothing to report of high-end caliber.
Birds of Note:
* US Waters
** US/MEX Waters
*** MEX Waters Only 
*Pomarine Jaeger  (1)
**Scirpp's Murrelet (13) No chicks

**Sabine's Gull  (23) Most in SD

*Common/Arctic Tern (3/4)
*ARCTIC TERN (1) –At least one of these terns appeared to be ARCTIC with dainty appearance, shorter necked and smaller head and a tiny bill vs.Common Tern
**Black-footed Albatross (2)
** Brown Booby (2)
*MASKED/NAZCA (1)–SUB-ADULT Unable to get photo. Was NOT an imm Blue-footed Booby or Red-footed. Dark tail, no indication of white in the tail or upper rump-   
*** Western Tanager–Female that did not want to land on boat and kept flying
Other Species in all waters– 
Black Storm-Petrel
Sooty Shearwater
Pink-footed Shearwater
Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA

Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran,
Leucadia, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports