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Fiesta Island Creeper

Sorry in advance for the long post!

I went to Fiesta Island this evening to look for owls and I was approached by a very strange guy who had apparently been following me around the island (he later mentioned he saw me stop at 3 spots) before approaching me on the berm (32.7720744, -117.2191020) with his binoculars acting like he was interested in birds. He asked me about where to find info on birds so I was trying to be cool and I mentioned eBird has lots of good info. Then it started getting weird. He asked where he could find videos of people and that he had to get a restraining order on some kids and some other weird crap about children posting videos of him. I told him good luck and walked away. That's when he approached my car and tried looking inside it before photographing my license plates. I was still on the berm so I yelled at him and he went back to his car, a beat up greenish Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. I circled behind him and photographed him and his plates (CA 7YHV764) as well. Sorry again for the long post, just a good reminder to stay safe out there!
No luck on owls by the way.

Nathan French
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