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Ferruginous Hawk at Hwy 94 & Otay Lakes Rd.

There has been a pale immature Ferruginous Hawk in the cow pasture west of Hwy 94 and north of Otay Lakes rd. since

mid Nov. My apologies for not getting this out, as I transit this area to and from town, and I 'd forgotten to post it after each

sighting. Today I had the bird on both inbound and return to Dulzura, so made a point to get it posted.

This is at fairly low elevation ( <700 ft. )and somewhat close to the coast. ( give or take  20 miles).

A few years back we had an adult dark morph Ferruginous Hawk at Hwy 94 and Jamul ( about were the casino is now ) that

return for multiple winters. So maybe with luck this bird will not only stick around but return for other winters.

Look for the bird from Hwy 94, looking west between the two riparian tree lines ( Hollenbeck cr. &  Dulzura cr. ) . Most often

seen on the ground or on the rocks near the cattle grazing there.

Dave Povey


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports