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Fantastic Morning at FRNC

Many rarities continued and were found this morning at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  In particular the West side from the dip and up to the NE corner of the west side were most productive. 
Most birders seem to be chasing the continuing YELLOW-GREEN VIREO, which continuing both in the ficus along the east wall of remains in the NW corner of the cemetary and in the eucs at the northern end of the west side.
Also along the north side here was a continuing second OVENBIRD, and I spotted a LEAST FLYCATCHER which hung around just long enough for most present to get photos.  I then was distracted by potentially a different CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER a little to the West.

Just south of there past the flag poll I found a VIRGINIA's WARBLER working the thick pines on either side of the road.  I also had a WHITE-WINGED DOVE flyover here.  Just south of that I had the continuing BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER in the scrappy pines north of the dip.  This is the same area the continuing CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS can be found in.  On the fence line north of the dip the continuing DUSKY FLYCATCHER was very cooperative.  The first OVENBIRD was found in this area this morning by others and the I also heard the continuing WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH.
Some photos from today can be found on my ebird checklist here:
Tom F-H
North Park, CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports