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Event: SDFO Meeting – Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Program: Wader Quest, by Rick Simpson.  Waders (shorebirds) are under more global pressure today than at any time in the past, particularly long-distance migrants that depend upon the intertidal zone for refueling and resting. Nearly half (48%) of wader species, where a population trend is known, are in decline. That is why Rick and Elis Simpson set up Wader Quest in 2012.

The dedicated duo travelled the world to see as many wader species as possible.
As they travelled, they discovered just how many problems waders face across the globe and decided to continue to raise money and awareness to support wader conservation.
Roll forward a few years and the charity is in full swing with a team of volunteers, a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee to drive the development of the charity to increase its effectiveness.

Our program will introduce the organization through the beauty and diversity of the waders to be found around the world; some of which are quite surprising. This talk is liberally scattered with stunning photos and information about the birds and includes some amusing personal anecdotes from Rick and Elis’ travels to see waders. It is both entertaining and informative while emphasizing the acute crisis that is facing wader conservation and how we can all help to combat it.