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Event: SDFO Meeting – Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Topic: Argentina – Bottom to Top!

In 2019, Nancy Christensen and her husband Russ visited a few select areas of Argentina. Following their trip to Antarctica, Nancy and Russ stayed a few extra days to explore Argentina. They saw 182 species of birds in that short week. They were impressed with the wide diversity of habitats and life contained within this country. Five days was not enough to satisfy, but was enough to build a desire to return and see more of this lovely country!

Nancy Christensen was born and raised in San Diego. She has had a lifelong interest in wildlife. Nancy studied art and photography at UCSD. For many years she was very active with the local Photonaturalist Camera Club, and eventually went on to have over 2,000 published images. Nancy spent time at the San Diego Natural History Museum examining the skins of extinct bird species, then painting images of them. In 2012, Nancy took up the hobby of birding, and has been on the run ever since. Since retirement in 2015, birding has become a consuming passion.