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Event: SDFO Meeting – February 20, 2024


Program: “Birds of the Philippine Island of Luzon and the Indonesian Islands of Komodo and Sulawesi”, by SDFO’s own past vice-president John Bruin.

Part 1: During the month of February 2023 near the end of an extended trip to SE Asia which included two weeks in Thailand with Jon Dunn, Kimball Garrett, and SDFO’s Mel Senac, I extended the trip and flew to Manila.  There I had arranged a 7-day trip with a local guide who took me around the area surrounding Manila including Subic Bay and the Tanay rainforest.

Part 2: Later in August 2023 I spent a month visiting 7 of the 18,000 or so Indonesian islands. This part will focus on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Sulawesi. Sulawesi and Komodo islands are located in eastern Indonesia, and sit within the biogeographical region of Wallacea, so named after the naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace. In his 1859 visit to the region he recognized the distinct changes in fauna between western and eastern Indonesia and marked an invisible line separating Bali to the west from Sulawesi to the east. The Wallace Line, as it has become known, serves to illustrate the change from Asian biota to the west and Australasian fauna to the east. Long periods of geographical isolation have left this region loaded with bird endemics, with some 90 or more found on the island of Sulawesi alone.