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European Starlings

While riding my bike mid-day today in Pacific Beach, near the intersection of Bayard & Diamond Streets, I observed a very small sized murmuration of European Starlings.  The estimated size was 240 birds (counting by 10’s) and the flight time was only about 90 seconds before the entire flock landed in a dozen or so separate palm trees nearby.  I’m unsure just how many birds are required to constitute a true murmuration but I have seen videos of thousands of Starlings flying in flocks of ever changing shapes.   I believe that all of these videos were filmed in Europe.  The flock that I observed today covered the distance of approximately 5 city blocks, rapidly changing altitude, direction and flock shape. It was quite interesting to watch and was essentially similar to the videos I’ve seen but lacking the quantity of birds  required for a truly jaw-dropping event.  After they settled in the palm trees I waited awhile for the show to begin again but the Starlings stayed put and so I moved on.


So it got me wondering if large sized murmurations ever occur in San Diego County?

Ross Christie
Pacific Beach

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports